Anyone know any free accurate psychic websites?

Anyone know any free accurate psychic websites?

Suggestion by Hey you
follow your heart!

i want to get an accurate email psychic reading…any recommendations?
i want to get a real accurate email psychic reading but i dont just want to choose anyone! any recommendations will be helpful.. or if theres anyone here willing to give me a free reading id love that!!

Suggestion by “Wee” Joe Citizen
Just don’t pay for it… or if you want to pay, just send me the money and I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.

Suggestion by no body
you will live for another 15-17 years.

you will become rather successful. and you will take up traveling.

you will die of hunger and dehydration in the african sahara.

Suggestion by dreamweaver
Not possible.

Recommendation for a highly accurate psychic.?
I would like a recommendation for a psychic that someone out there has has a lot of personal experience with, and who has a high track record of accuracy. I do not want to be directed to a site where you just read feedback. Thank you in advance for your consideration and your help. Please, “serious” responses only. If you a skeptic, I respect you, but please, just pass this by.

Suggestion by Psychology vs Astrology: The Truth Hurts
This is a serious response, so unless you’re delusional you’ll read very carefully.

There is no such thing as someone who is Psychic, because with the most minimal training and the right set of buzzwords, anyone can appear to be Psychic. You see, just by asking very general questions that would apply to most people, a person can appear to have inside knowledge about you. But you’re right, Psychics are lifesavers; they give you the confidence to live your life knowing you’re making the right choices. And, wow, they do all this for free? No, they charge you. Well, that’s weird. Why would you pay them to hear things you want to hear?

Astrologer’s are not Psychics. Psychics have been proven not to exist by science. If you’re looking for a good Astrologer I would say, Russell Grant. He’s usually right, but he only produces one Decan forecast per Star Sign which it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for all everyone born in that time period (All three Decans), usually it’s just aimed at one Decan who is showing the most information, which is often mislead and leads to negativity and scepticism. 

Basically, the Astrologer won’t make as much money if one Decan’s forecast is produced – it could be that a certain Decans forecast has shown up several times in a row and left out the other two – or their a complete utter fake bullshitting Astrologer, so they tend to set it for the whole three Decans, which is why for some people’s forecast isn’t true and for others it’s spot on.

Even though some “Astrologers” are just talented people with good memories and who are supposedly able to understand the Zodiac differently to everyone else, doesn’t mean just because they’re faking it, that the whole thing is fake. Psychology has proved that Astrologers are wrong but hasn’t proved the rest of Astrology wrong. And in actual fact, in Psychology they love to use Astrology.

Suggestion by Misscpb

Have a look at the web sites below that do free readings.

(forum and chat rooms, look at the calender as they also do free psychic mediumship reading/classes)

(go into all rooms, religion and spirituality and then click either metaphysical or spirituality and see what rooms are open)

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

is free psychic reading accurate or is it a fake?
has anyone tried the free psychic reading? would you like to share it with me of how it went? was it accurate or are they just trying to make us feel good? i ask because i am so lonely and want to ask them how long till my loneliness end such as how long till i find a lover or how long till i make some new friends that i can hang with on the weekend to cure my loneliness

Suggestion by WithLove,Jean
Actually, i have never tried any free psychic reading.
But i heard about it from my friend.
She have had a free psychic reading, and yes the reading came true.
I wondered if it was of coincidence..
Follow your heart in whatever you do.
If you think it’s accurate, then go ahead and try one of them.
It’s harmless since it is free?
Some readings claim themselves to be like, they can predict everything on Earth.
Some could, but some don’t.
Good luck :D

Suggestion by Crazy Wolf
Readings cannot make things happen, but you can. If you want friends and a lover only you can make that happen.
Here is what you do. Start going places where you can meet people and be friendly, open and make the first move. You will need to learn how to accept rejection because that is part of the firiend and dating process. If you like to ride bicycles get a good one and join a bicycle club. Join a camera club if you like taking pictures. Get a drum and attend drum circles. Go to church and be active in their singles program. Start talking to people while waiting for a bus or in line at the store. I got one girlfriend just that way. It did not last very long and she broke my heart, but hey, I did not give up. Learn how to flirt.

Start attending Renniasance Faires and become part of the entertainment. Learn magic tricks. Many women love magic tricks. I do not suggest going to bars and you are probably too young for the bar crowd anyway, but I knew one ugly, ugly man who always had a girlfriend or two because he did magic tricks at bars.

I do not remember which one it was but one famous magician said he got into magic because he wanted to meet girls. It works. Dancing also works that is how I met my second wife and we are very happy. I do not mean just going and trying to dance but take lessons in a style you like Ball room is big now with the Television show dancing with the stars. I learned to Country and Western dance.

Be talkative ladies do not like a shy quiet man. The shy guys have to settle for anyone who decides to make the first move on them or a blind date. I speak from experience because I was shy, lonely and afraid of rejection so my first wife was a blind date and we were terrible for each other.

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  1. Shadow Storm - Witch & Healer says

    Yes I see that you just got some bad news dealing with business/money to which there were some lies or you just werent sure about. Things didn’t go well.

    then you are having problems with someone close to you, a lover a relative? Some heart ache there for sure.

    Broken up? you will talk but it doesnt seem things will go back to waht it was.

    *spoons his eyes out*


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  2. Harold B says

    Roxana you are asking for trouble the bible warns us to stay away from those with familiar spirits or mediums. You are giving yourself over to demonic spirits and it seems so good but you are trusting your soul to the citizens of Hell
    Pray and tell Jesus you need his help then seek out a bible believing minister and talk with him/her

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  3. MAS2008 says

    Didn’t the doctor mention the side effects of mixing alcohol and your medication?

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  4. libertywarrior says

    I can tell your future. You’re going to hell where it is very hot and you’ll be in eternal torment FOREVER.

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