Do tarot readers online make as much money as those that open up a shop of their own? How would they do the?

Do tarot readers online make as much money as those that open up a shop of their own? How would they do the?
reading online ? IM or email or do they do it by phone? What about getting paid? Can someone cancel their credit c ard payment if they are not happy with the reading? How much do you think that someone like that makes monthly?

Suggestion by Terry
I don’t believe anyone truly a legitimate Tarot reader would attempt on-line readings. In the instructions of a large majority of Decks the querist must cut the deck 3 times before ant card is placed in the pattern.

Pure readings leave querists confused and/or angry in many cases. Also, a pure reading has no remuneration attached.

I’ve found in my 60+ years of working with the Decks that those who read for pay usually have excellent memorization of the instruction books pertinent of their Deck, but very little talent to bring forth more than the guiding words of such a book.

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

I have owned a shop & I now do them by email, so I have gone down both routes.

When you have a shop, you have a lot of overheards – I mean lots, so you are really paying for the premises.

When you work from home people can pay via credit card by many means.

As you are paying for the psychics time, there should be no refunds.

What a psychic earns depends on where they advertise, how good they are, what they charge etc. & also where in the worth that they live.


Suggestion by Lillith
I am a reader who has also done reading in person as well as on line. I do not do phone readings currently, but have in the past.
I do not have a storefront, I hand out business cards, advertise, and go to faires and festivals. I pay a booth fee which is anywhere between $ 15 to $ 125 (or more).
In person readings are $ 20-$ 60 and hour, why the difference? I feel that everyone who seeks a reading should be able to get one and some people just don’t have the dollars to spare, but really need the guidance.
If I pay less for my booth and the event is in a lower income area, I charge less. If I’m reading in an upper-class area or payed a high dollar amount for my booth, I charge more.
As it has been mentioned, with a store-front, having to pay for that space cuts into your profits in a big way.

Readings can also be done by email, by phone, by IM. The best way to make the most money is to keep your expences down.
Customers can call you instead you calling them, or get a flat rate long-distance account, so no matter how much time you spend on the phone, it will always cost the same.
Also, the amount made by a reader all depends on the amount of time devoted to reading for others as well as the number of clients one can accumulate.
Email readings take quite a bit of time to prepare, the reading may go quickly, but to put together the report may take longer (especially if you are a slow typer) than if you where to just do the reading over the phone. Therefore, one can get more phone readings done in a day than they could email readings.
Getting Paid-
I take cash only for in person readings unless I know the person, then I will accept a check.
For online readings I use PayPal.

Terry has mentioned that these online/phone readings cannot be done for they do not follow “tarot rules”. I have found by way of personal experience as well as the discussions with other readers, that these rules are really not valid, they just another persons opinion or idea of ‘how’ it ‘should’ be done and probably have thier roots from the days when there where not phones or internet.

I don’t follow these rules and I have very accurate readings.
I have done readings without the person present and have ‘seen’ what had happened 17 years in the past that was still affecting them in the now and that was a reading done via ebay.

Blessings on your journey!

Have you ever went to a tarot reader? In person, online, telephone?
What were the results of your reading? Was the reading accurate?

Suggestion by r_u_alive84
Yes I have been and I enjoyed it so much that I learned how to do it myself. They are wonderful tools for making sense of your mind and the world around you.

Suggestion by goddessd64132
yes they are fun, my best friend and i both read

Suggestion by julianscorpio
Not tarot, hand reader, and in person

my results:

Long life,
-Personally, i don’t want to live that long, i rather die in adventure than to a heart attack

-She said that i would have a lot of travel in my career. She didn’t know i want to be an Archeologist

-She said it would be intense, lovely, and perfect!
It better be true. I’m 19 and virgin, and my sister even thinks that sad. Now just to break it to my parents that the opposite sex doesn’t attract me. Uh, ho…. well sh^* happens!

tarot readers, have you ever been to a professional reader who actually amazed you?
i just got back from seeing a professional reader and i felt that the reading was awful. i felt like she was cold reading me and making too many generalized statements. however, when i am read by readers online (during tarot trades) they are amazingly accurate. does accepting money affect a tarot readers accuracy? are we ( as tarot readers) harder to read for? or am i just unlucky at finding a good reader? if you visit a professional psychic, how did you find him or her? yes, i do read ( so I DO believe in tarot cards) but sometimes you just want to be lazy and have someone read for you, you know?
trolls: i am a tarot reader. i dont care what you have to say about tarot cards being sinful, ect because you arent God and do not have the power to condemn anyone. ok? so please stop wasting your time. this question is for my fellow readers. thank you.

Suggestion by Lightandtruth
I believe it is a mimic of true revelation from God. Surprised A! Then why will not people belive in present day Prophets?

Suggestion by Pangel – remembering old friends
all my readings are usually done online and usually very accurate
I think face to face some people are put off if they think you are a reader also
I know I prefer to read online too
I dont like to see who I am reading for

I dont know why this is .. maybe just what I am used to
but I do much better online readings

maybe if you knew what you were talking about
people would listen
but tarot has nothing to do with spirits … not that I believe spirits are evil mind you

Suggestion by Hestia’s Priestess RIRS
Answer: I have actually had a professional reader who was extremely accurate read for me on several occasions WHILE I was a professional reader living in New Orleans. I paid cash to one named Tom and traded readings with others. There was not a difference in accuracy between the one I paid and the ones I traded with.

What I tell ANYONE who is considering coming to me for a reading is to go with the person who they are the most comfortable with.

is it true that when a tarot reader gives you a reading online…?
they feel your energy? does it work to give somewhat accurate readings?

Suggestion by fragle2c
douyfull they are trained to read the deck
if you want a true reading go to a reader
that way the cards pic up on your energy

Suggestion by bebo
haven’t you asked this before any way no you have to shuffle the deck and concentrate on you question so i don’t think it its that accurate

Suggestion by Terry
If a person had enough psychic talent to feel your energy via the contact on the internet that person would not need a tarot deck to read for and of you.

Terry’s Answer

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  1. vid says

    Readings over the internet can be just as accurate as over the phone or in person readings. Many readers don’t allow people to touch their decks, so I don’t know why some people claim that you must shuffle, because some advanced readers don’t let anyone touch their cards.

    An online reading can be just as accurate and effective, but it depends on the skills of the reader. However, that’s true no matter what when it concerns readings either in person, over the phone, or over the internet. Hope that helps to clear that up for you.

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  2. SadharaSatguru says


    The energy you mention is called a ‘link’. To be able to read for another in any form of psychic capacity you need to be able to link in.

    You can of course use the tarot without psychic ability.


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  3. Nightwind: Adipose says Hi! says

    I highly doubt it. How does talking over the internet tell someone anything about you? Do they trace your energy over the telephone lines?

    I do believe in tarot, but I am HIGHLY suspicious of online and over-the-phone readers. For that matter, I’m suspicious of all readers that read for money. If profit is their motivation, it behooves them to tell you want you want to hear rather than any actual results from a reading.

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  4. surojabu says

    No, they don’t feel your energy thru computers or phone lines. What the reader does is concentrate on you, something about you; your first name and birthdate for example, or your first name and location, or something else that can be tied to you so that the reader is concentrating on the right person. With an experienced reader, you do not need to touch the cards yourself. The reader concentrates on you (from the identifying info you’ve given them) and you can definitely get an accurate reading this way. Of course if you want to prove the reader is honest and accurate, you don’t want to give them too much info. I usually ask for a first name and location or birth date and that’s it. Just enough info to make sure I’m concentrating on the right person, but not so much info as to influence the cards in their advice or answers.

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  5. Gidget says

    To find a good, in-person, tarot reader–you need to ask around. They don’t seem easy to find. I’ve had some really good psychic readings from people that I paid. I’ve never found a tarot reader I felt good enough about to go to though.

    I simply cannot read tarot for myself and its really annoying! I wish I could find a great tarot reader around here–I’d rather go in person.

    Accepting money does not affect my readings, I read with the same accuracy whether I am paid or not. I think it’s just really hard to find someone reputable in person, that’s all. Competition is stiff online, you’d better be good if you want any repeat business.

    I usually find psychics through spiritual classes and workshops. So far, that’s gone very well with only a couple of instances of feeling like I got a psychic lemon.

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  6. I'm Not Harry Potter!!! (JPA says

    I’ve been reading for a few years, though not professionally. I wouldn’t even consider charging for a tarot reading, or anything else. But that’s just me. Now trading…I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m getting off topic though…

    I’ve been to a couple of professionals. I haven’t been terribly impressed. I would rate professional readings I’ve had done as average.

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  7. patches0528 says

    I had so many wonderful encounters with tarot readers I learned how to do it myself. Have a question you want answered with tarot? e-mail me at including when your birthday is.

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