Is tarot card readings/psychics accurate or real?

Is tarot card readings/psychics accurate or real?
I went to a psychic today to get a tarot card reading done and she told me these crazy things about myself that she shouldn’t have known. I just sat there neutral, because I didn’t want to give away hints or anything to egg her on if she was a fake or not good.
She guessed the kind of relationship that I had with my parents, and that I was just like my dad. She also guessed that my relationship with my younger brother was better than with my younger sister and the reason for that.
She also told me that a guy named Steven would be asking me out soon. I have been talking to a guy with that name lately but it’s faded the past few weeks for no real reason though it does have the capability to start again. But still! I have no idea how she could have known that.
She also knew some of the past careers that I had looked into doing.
She said so many things that just blew my mind, though I kept my mind until I had left the place.

Also, she told me that I was born to be successful in business and owning my own business and I have had at least 4 other psychics tell me that exact same things from palm readings.

Is this for real? And how could that be possible?
How could this woman have known all of this stuff?
Will it actually come true if I just let it go and live my life as I would normally if I didn’t get the reading?
When is the soonest that I should go next for a tarot reading?
What else do you guys recommend?

Thank you! (:
I understand that psyhics usually fake people out, but I honestly revealed nothing about myself. I told her that I was there for the reading, sat down, shuffled the cards, and sat there with a calm looking face. I told her nothing at all and she asked me nothing, just read from the cards. I don’t understand how she could have guessed the guy’s name though! The fact that she mentioned Steven was what completely blew my mind, though I didn’t let it show at all.

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No, they aren’t. But if you want to waste money, go ahead.

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You would be shocked at the ways they have at making you reveal things about yourself. They are one hundred percent fake, hun.

Who do you think is the most accurate living psychic in terms of dates/times and for-seeing the future?
I have consulted many psychics before and am always searching for that one with the ‘wow’ factor! I understand the principles or free-will etc and I am looking for the psychic who can accurately predict dates and times, can see long-term future and can give you information that you didn’t know was possible until it happens!

I hope someone else out there has been searching like me. Please let me know your opinions!

Thank you

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are you talking about the Hastur: Worldly authority and power. Social mastery and oratory. One who is intelligent, experienced, confident and reasonable. A patriarch or primary male influence. The motive force of politics and society. The ability to fulfill plans and use mental control over the emotions.
The card on the top represents imagination – the prophetic image that stems from the creative force of the previous card to initiate the project. This is the poetry or voice of the undertaking. Nyarlathotep: Mastery over word, mind, and matter. The ability to turn ideas into actions, handle problems, and control one’s life. The initiation of new projects, great works, or a new way of life. Eloquent and moving communication. Arcane and eldritch technologies.
The card on the left represents emotion – the feelings aroused by or surrounding the ideation of the project that takes place in the previous card. This is the music or scent of the undertaking. Nine of Artifacts (Pickman’s Model): Debilitating mental anguish or ill health. Being dragged down by the dishonor of others. Participation in a shameful or regrettable act. Inescapable guilt, mistrust, and doubt. May indicate a death or other catastrophic loss.
The card on the bottom represents thought – the analytical process of organizing the project and capturing the emotional content of the previous card. This is the science or vision of the undertaking. Page of Tomes (The People of the Monolith): The essence of fire behaving as earth, such as wood or coal: The surprising appearance of a new passion. An adventurer who blazes through life, acting as a catalyst that others may harness. The intense enthusiasm and childlike imagination that fuels any new venture, needing only the application of mind and material to make it a success. Inner fire that can drive away fear and replace it with fury. Can represent a person of some timidity, but whose innate passion can be easily ignited. May indicate the birth of a child.
The card on the right represents manifestation – the real work involved in completing the project, and the form it will take upon culmination. This is the painting or touch of the undertaking. Seven of Tomes (The King in Yellow): Standing courageously for your beliefs in the face of adversity. Fear of failure overcome by the will to succeed. Great obstacles met with heroism and determination. Inner strength brought to bear at a critical moment.

Has anyone ever had an accurate psychic reading?
I just had one and it sounded pretty good actually but I want to know your story!

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I say to them …. If you can tell me the six winning lottery numbers for this week …. Then ~I will ~maybe~ listen to what they have to say . There is my trust level !

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Sure, quite a few times. I’m quite lucky to be close to at least a couple of good psychics. Not professional psychics, mind you. They’re not getting money out of it.

I think the quality of the reading truly relies on the person reading it.

*The ones I’ve had were not general, and I’m quite confident in my abilities to distinguish between specific and general.

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because they’re in “general”.. -generally- speaking.

How accurate are psychic readings?
I had a reading with a psychic the other day how accurate are their readings?

Suggestion by Crazy Wolf
It depends on the psychic. There are those who are very accurate and then there are those who are not accurate at all. In 1992 there was a psychic on the radio and I asked him some questions which I balked at thinking he was a nut but everything he said was right on and came to pass.

Tarot readings can be very accurate if you have a good reader but again that depends on the reader.

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  1. George says

    Sounds like you had a great reading!

    Try also checking out your numerology based on your date of birth and name.

    It’ll be interesting to see if, given what the psychics have said about you in business, you have an 8 Life Path and/or which years of your life you will be in business.

    You can get all this done for free here:

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  2. Jordan says

    yes Psychics are accurate, but i belive there are a lot of wannabe psychics. dont believe all of them, but i know that some are actuallly the real deal

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  3. ןɹıb says

    I believe that there are some people who possess real psychic talent, but most people who claim to have such powers are fakers. I could BS you right now with a deck of tarot cards and tell you exactly what you want to hear. A lot of psychics ask preliminary questions before the do “readings.” A lot of times, instead of reading fortunes, these people are actually very good at guessing. For example, my grandmother freaked out because a psychic once told her that she would die in Alabama, marry a man whose name began with a C, and have three children. While all of that came true, most of her predication’s came from what she told the psychic about her life. Her current boyfriend was named Cal. Her son was going to college in Alabama the next fall, and she already had two of her three kids. Like I said, a good guess. It’s not that difficult to make predictions about someones life when you try your hardest.

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  4. Mika A says

    All these tarot people and psychics have their little ways from which they can ‘know’ people’s lives. But really, they’re not actually doing this themselves. Stop letting your life be controlled by tarot readings.

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  5. Indigo Nation says

    Yes they are,

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