Tarot Experts: Can Tarot predict a future pregnancy?

Tarot Experts: Can Tarot predict a future pregnancy?
I only want to hear from people who are experienced with tarot. Please no rude people telling me to just go get a test, I want to know the possibility of a future pregnancy, not if I am pregnant right now.

Is it possible to predict a future pregnancy using tarot? My husband and I have been ttc for almost a year and I just want to know if a pregnancy is possible soon. I know tarot isn’t certain because I am fairly experienced with it, but I’m still a novice and have no idea about how to go about doing a possible pregnancy spread. And most experienced tarot readers are afraid to go into issues dealing with pregnancy because they aren’t doctors and don’t want to be wrong and have the querent blame them for anything. I promise I won’t do this. I go by my doctor’s advice first but I just want to use tarot as a supplement.

What is a good spread for this? And also, if there’s anyone out there who’s bored and wouldn’t mind, could you maybe do a reading for me and post it? I’d be very grateful!

Suggestion by Sarahhh
No you can’t.

Suggestion by TheTwins<3
Yes you can its getting the moon card with the empress around the ace of wands/rods

i am an energy based reader unless your energy were to actually touch my cards id never do a reading online because i think its not personal enough and for me its not something im comfortable doing

Suggestion by ¤º°`°º¤ø Joujou,.-~*´¨¯
look email me at eleni_jessica_2005@hotmail.com its easier there as you can ask me more questions if you look into my profile & see my past answers (on Y/A ) for psychic questions im pretty accurate but i am new at it so bear with me …. i will need your initials though

Tips on writing a futuristic novel?
I’m currently writing a superhero novel and I’ve decided I want it to take place in the future.

I’m not looking for any specific advice, rather any tips anyone could offer to let readers know it’s a time far into the future without actually saying “It was a time far into the future”. LOL!

All help is appreciated!

Suggestion by Kate
Perhaps you should describe the city to make it sound pretty futuristic and mention historic events that haven’t actually happened yet, like ‘world war 3′ or something.

Suggestion by bmxgrl1042
with futuristic novels don’t be afraid to go crazy with it. What I mean is you can let them know it’s in the future just by changing the way they eat/sleep/learn/transportation etc.
Also with superhero’s and obviously you’ll need villains just try and create some futuristic weapons and clothing so they know it’s not 2009.

I hope I helped.
Email me some stuff when you get it done!

Suggestion by obidane
Incorporating advanced technology and having your characters treat it as commonplace (maybe even a little behind the times) could help. You could also discuss events happening today as part of distant history–even distort them because people tend to forget or change things over time.

future reader

I know my future?
Weird question but one that needs to be asked. Im dating a guy right now that is everything I ever wanted and everything was going perfectly fine till last night. His grandma came into town and is a card reader. When she read his cards she said that I was a good girl for him but soon he’s going to find a girl that he is going to instantly fall in love with. He told me what ever happens happens and he’s not going to stop he’s life with me for it. But I cant get it out of my head. My boyfriend is going to fall in love with another girl very soon and I dont know what to do. A part of me is trying to be logical but another part is saying it’ll happen( she’s been wrong before.. but normally she’s not) what should I do with this info? Im really falling hard for him and losing him would be a hard blow. I wont lose my life over it but heartache and depression might step in for a while. I need help with this

Suggestion by Tom
Future telling is not really precise. any thing could happen. it depends what he does. one day he might go to see a movie and see the girl or he might go to a mall and not see her. future telling is mostly describing one path of a choice. he might make the choice and meet her but he might not. think how many choices he makes every day. only one or two are going to lead him to her. your going to be fine. if not ill go to a card reader my self and see what my future is. your going to be fine. there’s a one in a million chance he’ll meet her.

Suggestion by Love Guru
Get Practical and stop believing in old wives tales….

but in-case thats hard, let me tell u something about fortune telling…

fortune telling is about probabilities…its like drawing out a lottery…negligible chances of being correct…but then these card readers are tricky ppl…they work out their statements/prophesies in ways where the probability is maximized….this woman thought obviously this young guy is going to meet a lot of good looking girls in his lifetime- what are the chances he will develop a crush on one of them….its very high..so she tells that he is going to meet a girl and fall in love with her….if people can really read into future they would hav been much more specific…why not quiz that old faggot about the date her prediction will come true, the name of the girl or something thats specific…she will avoid ur qn….try it … they r all bunch of liers

Suggestion by iloveyou
Tell him how you feel about it. Tell him that you love him and dont want to lose him over some stupid cards and say it just like that. Cry to him if you have to, just make him realize how you feel and how this “news” is affecting you. and if he dont listen and wont understand you then you dont need to be with him. You need to find someone that will love you no matter what some stupid little cards may say. You need to find the right guy for you.


Good Luck!

future reader

The Reader movie (2008) Hanna and Micheal’s relationship…?
1.) Do you think Micheal loves Hanna or is it more lust?
2.) Why did Hanna randomly leave? Was it because he wanted him to get his old life back?
3.) Did Micheal have a crush on that Sophie girl?
4.) Do you think Hanna was jealous in a way? She would always go off when he spent too much time with his friends
5.) Suppose Hanna didn’t leave, she wasnt an SS guard and never on trail. Do you think it would have been possible for her and Micheal to have somewhat of a future still or was thier love still doomed?

All answers/opinions are welcome!

thank you so much!
***5 points best answer****


Suggestion by charlie_tuna57
1. I think that Michael loved Hanna and was truly hurt when she left and he lost all contact with her for eight years. It even affected his later relationships with women. Remember, Michael meanwhile marries, has a daughter and divorces.
2. I felt that Hanna had problems in developing and maintain any close friendships. She was superficial and vain, and that’s part of the reason that she could stand back and watch the prisoners in the locked building go up in flames.
3. I think that Michael liked Sophia a lot but Hanna was always in the back of his mind.
4. Yes, she could be possessive, jealous, and selfish. Too, she used Michael to read to her since she was illiterate.
5. There was a big age difference. Initially, he was only 15 and she was 36. That would have posed quite an obstacle. Look what has happened to Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher.

Suggestion by LilyRT
1–it was puppy love. it wasn’t real love like he could have developed later, but it wasn’t as simple as just lust. if it had been, he would have gotten bored earlier

2–I think she knew the relationship was doomed and decided to end it sooner rather than later. she knew the relationship wasn’t really good for either of them, and she also knew that her past might catch up with her.

3–no. I don’t think he paid her much attention. but sophie was there to show the way his life would have gone if hanna hadn’t been in the picture. normally, he and sophie would have gone out, and that relationship would have been on a more equal footing and would have haunted him a lot less when he got older.

4–I don’t remember it that way, but it may just be that I didn’t pay that much attention to it. My feeling wasn’t that she was jealous but that she tended to forget that he had another life with other interests. Half of her wanted him to leave and not come back–because she was ashamed of the relationship and ashamed of herself. So she didn’t treat him as well as she would have if things had been different.

5–no. they were doomed. I think she would have been friendlier to him and less guarded. But she didn’t really view him as an equal. And after he grew up and went to college, he wouldn’t have looked at her as an equal either.

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  1. wtevr says

    hez just a bf! u’ll get anodr 1

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  2. Sasami Masaki says

    Sounds like granny is a hater. She obviously doesnt like you too much, or she would have told him this in confidence. It also sounds like your guy kinda sucks as well. He obviously cares about his feelings and future, and not yours. I hope you find someone to instantly fall in love with in the near future. Good luck Girl !!!

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  3. N G says

    Mentioning the technology they have or the transport systems, or things like “Since the ban on cars in 2012, it had been much harder for criminals to ‘get away’ ” (but better)

    You have to create your ‘world’, and then let glimpses show.

    http://www.notebookinhand.com could help you!

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  4. Dutch says

    Write about characters. Once you figure out your characters then the story will develop. But every good book is character driven. No Michael Bays in literature.

    Heres a character ive been working on for example; based on the Harry Potter book, he is a dumb death eater, his name is Rick
    (he walks into a death eater meeting where Voldemort is discussing how to kill harry)
    Rick: What up Voldie???
    …(everyone looks at him in a WTF type of look)
    Rick: dang V your looking pale these days, you need to hit up that tanning bed, get your bronze on playa!

    heres another character im working on; Muhamad comes from India to America in hopes to be a big businessman, the only problem is he gets his 9s and 7s mixed up

    Muhamad (sees a 711 gas statiion and is inspired, telling his goal to a overweight redneck): “You know i really enjoyed nine eleven, I think with some of my saavy friends i met in Iran, i could make something that would be much larger then nine eleven ever was. Something people would remember for centuries.”

    Create unique characters like that ^^^^ was gold/

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  5. TAYLORYO3 says

    Ah that sounds cool :)

    But, I once read a book that I immediately realized was not in our time because it said she swallowed a toothbrush pill.

    Haha, I’m not recommending you use that idea in any way, but things like that will let people read over the sentence twice to make sure they understand.

    Good luck, and I’d love to read it! Get a booksie and post it if you do not have one, I have found it great to post novels and stories. Visit my page if you do, I just posted a new chapter!


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  6. Amma's Child says

    Rather you should rephrase your question when asking the cards is to ask something more proactive such as “How can I improve the chances of being pregnant?” or “What do I need to do to create a more fertile environment in my womb?” You can create anything in your life. Your thoughts plant seeds and attract the energies to help put it into fruition. If you were asking the cards “Will I become pregnant?” and if the cards don’t show a favorable outcome, that would make you think that you’re helpless to make it happen and think that there is nothing you can do about it. That’s not how it should be. Rather you should approach it as what needs to be changed right now, what issue at hand needs to be focused to be dealt with, and so on. The cards can help direct your attention on the areas in your life that create these obstacles. For example: stress from work could be an obstacle to pregnancy, diet could be the cause, smoking and alcohol, lots of possibilities that one isn’t aware of as a related issue. When asking proactive questions such as I’ve suggested above is highly recommended to help you accomplish your goal of attracting a child into your life.

    Good luck and may you be successful!

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  7. Kikiwa says


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  8. Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad says

    It’s easier to predict a past pregnancy.

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